Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So I know I did the right thing in breaking up with my boyfriend, but why does it have to be so hard. He can't see my point of view. He says he is protecting me by him not getting involved with my friends. My friends are my family. This year I have lost a lot of my true family. All I have left in my family is my dad. Therefore, my friends are my family. He can't see that and doesn't want to meet them so I had to call it quits with him. Also, he doesn't support me in my endeavors with AA or depression medication. These are things I need right now. By not showing me support, its as if I'm in the relationship alone and that is not the way it is supposed to be. He is pissed and that is okay. I can't tell him how to feel, but this is something I have to do and how I have to stand up for myself. I must pick my head up and hold it high as I kept my boundaries and stood firm. It just sucks that this is around the holidays, but I have friends that I will be with on both holidays. Thank God I'm sober and Thank God that I can stand on my own two feet and do it with strength. That is all for now. The feelings are intense, but this too shall pass.

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  1. It will pass and just remember that as much as it hurts you stood up for yourself and what you believe in. That's so great! Love ya girl!